Last week, Google announced something significant that will happen within a few months. As Google furthers their services to mobile users, it has started indexing mobile search results separately.

This will give mobile users better device specific content. Currently, desktop and mobile users share the same Google index.

According to Search Engine Land, the new mobile index will become the primary index as well. The desktop index will still be active but it won’t be updated as much.

Google said they have been experimenting with the new index since last year and obviously, they are moving forward with it. Remember that in 2015, they made announcements that they will boost websites that are optimized for mobile (responsive)? This move helps mobile users as more people begin to exclusively use smartphones when accessing the web.

What does this all mean? What do you need to do for your website to be up-to-date? Simple. Just do these three steps and you’re sweet.

  • Check your website is mobile-friendly/responsive using Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. If your website isn’t responsive, don’t worry. AA Marketing can help you. We design websites that are not only beautiful, they are responsive and they are technologically abreast with all the trends.
  • Consider adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your site. What is AMP? Well have you seen those lightning icons on some of your Facebook articles? That’s been AMP-ed, but Facebook style (called Live Articles). AMP is Google’s version, and it’s been created to load pages faster on mobile. According to Vieo Design, “AMP goes further by enabling embedding of pages onto other social media, like Pinterest and Twitter. Following that, AMP allows these sites to pick up on the speed of the content, noting how quickly it is shared.”
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