One of our goals as website designers here at AA Mktg is to create websites that are user-friendly. We want businesses to take control of their websites. Website updates and customizations shouldn’t take your precious time, and it shouldn’t take a long time to get used to. I guess you can say that we are  proponents of building websites that incorporate self-service functions rather than those that depend on a live customer service function.


Now, we are going to list the things that you can do to make your website work for you in a simple, enjoyable and effective to use for your business.


Use available software

Your business can save money by integrating apps and tools instead of developing it from scratch. For example, Stripe makes it easy for your customers to pay via credit card; Invoiced makes invoicing automated and easier. There are so many great solutions out there and we believe no small business should be out there looking for developers to reinvent the wheel to suit their brand.


Use your website to automate your services

Make sure that you make your website has a great design. It should be easy to work with. Do you want your customer service team to be swamped with calls with “How does this work?” questions? In any business, you need to be aware of all the manual processes, in order to know how the whole thing works – down from setting appointments, to sending emails – but you have to give the execution of the action to your customers. People like self-service functions because you give them control.


Invest in a professional designer

When your business is on the web, remember that you are competing with the whole world. A Times New Roman font, along with font size 12 will put your business back to 1998. A polished, modern design would make your business professional, resourceful, bigger and better. Remember this to amp your footing in business: design where you want your business to be, not where it is now. And newsflash, a professionally designed website that can represent you is affordable. Our prices start can be as cheap as $300 which can give you basic pages and services. $2,000 can get you a professionally designed, responsive website that can last you for years, will take care of everything digitally, save your time, etc. There is no excuse, guys!


Make it responsive

We have said the word responsive many times. What does it mean? Responsive websites mean that your website is mobile-friendly. You have to remember that a third of your customers access your website from their mobiles; and the younger the market is, the more mobile-inclined they are. As mobile tech goes more sophisticated, being responsive is not an optional choice anymore.


Do e-commerce

There are a lot of merchant solutions out there on the web for your business. Plug-ins are designed so that they easy to use for your business. There are also a lot of payment portals for your customers to use like Stripe and Paypal. There are also professionally designed e-commerce templates available at Shopify or Squarespace.


The web has become more sophisticated in terms of design and function. Small businesses have to take advantage of these new channels and platforms to make their business work with technology and make the most of their capital.

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