Social Media is a new phenomenon. The word itself is a relatively new entry in the dictionary. Since it is new, people are still exploring what it can offer, what it can do and – really – how to use it (or even how it works). It’s evolving every day!

According to Google Trends, the use of the word “Social Media” has increased. That’s not a surprise given that the social media platforms are also increasing in number as well. Take a look at the graph.



So the question is: Is it important for your business? The answer is a resounding yes. Most of the time, business owners cannot see their return of investment when it comes to social business. They think that it’s not measurable. This mindset is changing though thanks to analytics tools like Buffer, and Google Analytics – even Facebook and Twitter have their own analytics built in now. You can now measure your efforts and conduct scientific and measurable experiments.

Here are the reasons why you should take time and effort to invest in your social media channels.

Brand Awareness: Brand Awareness can be easily defined as the extent the brand gets recognised by a potential customer. This is extremely important in business. I mean, how can you generate sales if your client base doesn’t know you exist? One of the biggest roles of social media in your business is to develop brand awareness. If people notice that your business is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, it means that you are engaged, you create meaningful content and you care about your business.

Also, when you are active on social media, your brand gets more mileage on people’s Home Pages and minds. They will be more likely to remember you and your business when they need you. For example, you keep seeing billboards of the new iPhone 7 – in your office, by the bus stop, in your neighbourhood, on the shop below your gym – and you come home and see the ad on TV. Now fast forward to a month and need to replace your old phone! What phone would you be most likely to buy? Most likely the iPhone 7. Why? Because Apple has the biggest brand awareness when it comes to cellphones.

It is here to stay: Social Media is a service that we will have to use forever. It will change and evolve as mentioned but it will stay. Why? People love using it. Let me repeat that: People LOVE using it. And you know what drives your sales? People. Where do people love to spend their time: Social Media sites. Why do you need to be in social media sites? Your potential customers are there.

Lead Generation: People talk and they love referring businesses to friends and family. This means that when someone follows you on Facebook (who isn’t really looking for a Persian caterer) and they hear that your friend is one, they will most likely refer your friend to someone who needs a Persian caterer. A lead is a lead no matter who or what generated it.

Increase SEO Rankings: Constant content creation improves your website’s dynamism and Google loves that. It will rank you higher in the search engine results. Not only that, your traffic will increase too – because you will be engaging people more (more content – more readers) and they will visit your website often. Win-win!

Everyone is on Social Media: That’s right – everyone – meaning even your competitor’s customers are on social media. When you generate brand awareness campaigns, who knows what alternatives you are giving to other people? Also, if you are not in social media, you might be losing out on your potential customers as well.

Trust and professionalism: Being active online builds trust – whether it is through reviews, answering to comments and questions or just being present. It makes people think, “This company is on top of the game.”

It tells you who the customer is: Simply asking friends and family, especially potential customers, how to improve your business can have tremendous results. You can craft specific content for them! Be more engaging! If you don’t want to be direct to your customers, you can just observe how they react to your posts and through that, figure out what’s important for them.

So there you have it. If you would like more information on Social Media or Internet Marketing in general, please contact us.

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