Some people say business cards are dead, claiming LinkedIn and other contact management apps have rendered them obsolete. Those people are wrong.

Full disclosure here: I work as a freelance marketing designer and have a vested interest in business cards. However, I am more than happy to acknowledge the usefulness of LinkedIn, Facebook and other apps out there. I use them, you use them, we all use them. Instead of killing business cards, they have merely transformed how we use them.

If you look back to the last time you exchanged business cards with someone, most likely, it wasn’t that long ago.

Personally, the humble business card is one of my favourite forms of communication. They’re personal, practical and a great way to introduce yourself. However, I have noticed a drop in the number of business cards that I receive. It seems we no longer value the use business cards to share contact information as much as we used to. This has been replaced with iPhones and LinkedIn. While this does work, I have a few problems with this trend.

Business cards are professional

Sharing a business card with someone I have just met is a great way to break the ice. By ensuring you have an ample supple with you, you show that you care enough about yourself to leave a physical way for others to be able to reach you in the future.

It will likely backfire if you try standing up to this tradition. Expecting your new connection to write down or remember your contact information, is a good way to ensure they never connect with you again. Unless this was you aim, you could be missing out on a future connection or job opportunity.

Design is important

Business cards have become an extension of our brands and it makes a huge first impression. While there is nothing wrong with a standard business card, a fun design will receive positive responses from nearly everyone you hand it to.

Business cards are a way to distinguish your brand from competitors, so it’s vital for them to make the right impression.
Being both visual and tactile, this physical exchange and engagement can’t be recreated by LinkedIn or your website.

Business cards offer plenty of opportunity to grow your brand — you just have to do it right. So when it comes to designing your own cards, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Know your audience

If your clients are from the corporate world? Think lush linen papers, classic colours and raised printing. If you own a small startup with laid-back customers, your cards should reflect that.

Remember brand consistency

Your business card should match your website, office and marketing materials. It’s important to use similar colours and the right tone.

Don’t go overboard. You don’t have to go over the top to represent your brand. When getting creative with your business card, make sure it’s a good fit for you. What works for one business might not work for yours. Differentiate your brand through thickness of paper stock, its design and finishes.

Like it or not, business cards are here to stay.

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