We have been talking about boosting engagement on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, but even if you have the technicality know-how, your posts won’t make an impact if you don’t have an authentic voice.


What do I mean by an authentic voice? This means that you use a voice that would make your audience feel like you know them: you’re a friend and you can be relied on. You are human – even if you’re a business. You are real. This will make your online connections feel like they’re talking to someone who understands them (as it should!), making your brand better. These will convert your potential customers to loyal customers because they feel understood and supported.


You have to remember that setting up social media accounts is more than just supplying usernames and passwords. It is more than just collecting followers and statistics. More important things have to be considered. A business needs loyal customers, and creating an engaged customer base is one of the many ways (if not the best way) to achieve that. Most businesses treat their social media accounts just like advertising channels. We should change that mindset: these social media channels are vessels for us businessmen to create meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients. If you address the needs of your customers, more than promote your products, people will focus more on your company’s message.


If you treat your customers as friends, this changes the whole social media strategy. This article will talk about how to humanize your engagement in social media.


Be likeable.

Business language, corporate undertones make lifeless, boring posts. You don’t want the words boring and lifeless associated with your company, right? Fortunately, the business language use has changed throughout the years. Before, it is frowned upon to use the first-person voice, word contractions, and slang. Now, it’s very different: conversational language is perfect. Talk to them like you’d talk to a friend. People will converse with you easier when you use a conversational language.


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 14.00.11



Stop talking about YOURSELF.

When your friends and family post a milestone on Facebook, what do you do? You congratulate them and take the time to spread the word to others about the success that they have.


Brands that have mastered the art of celebrating others’ achievements are more successful than those brands who continuously promote about themselves.


When it’s appropriate, congratulate a follower when they have achieved something. Highlight the things that they did well. Show them you care about them. Be present in their lives. This will make them feel special and this will make them into loyal customers.


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 14.08.12


Highlighting user-generated content (the things that your followers made for you), your customers will be closer to you. At the same time, it offers a valuable promotional channel for you to passively promote your brand.


Listen and respond like a friend.

Instead of just talking about your services and your brand, listen to your audience and react appropriately. Reply to tweets, comments, and DMs. Have real reactions, and be honest.




Be funny.

Making people laugh is one of the simplest ways to make new friends, right? In the world of digital marketing, one of the best ways to form real connections with your clients is to let loose and tickle your audience’s funny bone. This elicits positive reactions from your clients and at the same time, it is shareable. Try posting something funny and see how your audience responds.


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 14.09.40


Here at AA Marketing, we take pride in taking care of several businesses’ social media accounts. Should you need help in managing your business social media profiles and posts, we would gladly step in for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, just drop us a line here.

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