There are many good brands in Facebook and Instagram. It’s fairly easy to transact businesses there: Look at a photo, send a message, pay online and wait. From a consumer’s point of view, it’s quite convenient because you can literally shop anytime – because we check social media channels almost all the time. Most small businesses that I see there make their Facebook Pages online shops. That’s fine but I tell you, it’s not sustainable. Let’s talk more about why you need a website even if you already have social media channels.


Look at the way your business is branded. Branding is important – it is the way your business communicates your business values to your consumers. In this world of online shopping and business, brands need to develop their own digital content platform then distribute it on social media. In short, post on your website, distribute on social media.


Every day, good brands produce new content: marketing, sales, products, events and campaigns. In this age, sharing content is not enough – not even creating quality content. If all marketers out there continue to churn valuable and good content like you, how do you know if your target customers engage with your content? It’s all the same for the consumer because they all come from the same place.


Life Span

Now social media posts have a terribly short lifestyle and this has been studied by Spreadfast. According to the study, “the average median engagement of a tweet is around 30 minutes. It takes less than an hour for an Instagram post before they die.” Another study found that half-life (the amount of time it takes to get half of your average engagement) of your posts in Facebook only lasts for 3 hours. Take note, the people who see your posts are less than 10% of your fans as well.


These numbers tell us that marketers can’t rely on social media alone if they want content marketing success. Social media is only one part of your overall marketing strategy. There should be other marketing efforts to boost your business, a much bigger strategy.



And another thing, when you are using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you are using someone else’s platform – Mark Zuckerberg’s if you’re using Facebook. When you have a website and build your content there, you attract your target audience ON YOUR OWN BRANDED PLATFORM.


Having your own website establishes independence and you don’t have to agree on someone’s terms of agreement.


You create what you want, establish a strong name, create a good SEO score. You communicate that you are a strong, responsible and reliable brand when you have your own website.

AA Marketing believes that all businesses should have a beautiful and effective website. We work on all kinds of budget. Interested? Drop us a line here.

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