We can help you create a strategy that combines Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO to drive your ROI.



Content Marketing

If you’re in need of a quality content marketing service, then AA Marketing can help you today. Our comprehensive services are aimed at growing your business, delivering traffic and strengthening the relationship you have with your targeted audience. We look forward to helping you achieve the results you deserve with incredible content and marketing strategies.



Paid advertising works best when it is a part of a blended marketing strategy. AA Marketing can help you determine which paid channels will be profitable and optimise your campaigns to reach customers at the lowest price possible. From Google to Facebook Ads, Promoted Posts to third party networks— we monitor daily performance in order to leverage unexploited opportunities.

Social Media

Social Media channels are an option no more and skilful representation is a must. The rise of apps such as Facebook mean that everyone can have a voice, including your brand (and your competitors). We boast a wealth of social media experience and manage many aspects of our clients’ needs. Whether it’s audience engagement, community building, or managing and optimising paid advertising, we are sure to impress.

Design & Branding

Great design reflects on your business and should not only look great but also read well. It should encourage consumer confidence and trust in your brand. At AA Marketing we pair art and science together, whether it’s web design, ad creation, corporate branding, print media design, logo development, or anything in between, AA Marketing can handle it and make it shine.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective way of sending your commercial message quickly and directly to the people you want to target. It is a highly efficient way of staying in touch with clients and helps to promote loyalty and more importantly, repeat business. There is simply no better way to send valuable information about your products, services and promotions. Get your email marketing campaign started today.

We believe in being

Beautiful & Effective

Target the right audience

AA Marketing offers a full range of digital marketing services. We help you sell your products and services with the latest technologies and the most modern digital marketing techniques. We create awareness for your brand and can drive the right people to your site.

Digital marketing’s beauty lies in its agility and flexibility to market your products or services to an unlimited target audience and targeting the right people in the right areas is where we come in. Whether you are a startup or an established business, we create strategies to suit your business and budget.

For many people, the concept of digital marketing is foreign and that is why you will want to work with experts. Our business is to help you market your products and services online, to help you feature high in Google’s search results pages (SERP), and start generating traffic, you can convert into revenue.


Why do I need to market my business online?

The majority of transactions or purchases start with an online search, ignoring the importance of a strong web presence is no longer an option these days. No matter what your business offers you can be certain of one thing: your potential customers will read about what you sell online. They will likely visit your competitor’s websites too and if your business cannot be found, then your competitors that can will be making the most of these opportunities.

How long does it take before I can expect results?

Good question and likely our most common. The results and the time to see them is based on several aspects of your campaign, such as which services you are using and how aggressive your marketing efforts are. However there is no doubt that the more comprehensive your marketing strategy is, the better the expected yield and the quicker you’ll see real results. Having very specific goals and certain services may provide results faster. For example, a Pay Per Click advert can start delivering traffic to your website within hours of setup. Whereas Search Engine Optimization and Social Media services can and do take weeks, even months, before any direct results are noticed.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing has changed the way we share information forever. Word of mouth is now digital and people trust their friends and colleagues for recommendations, using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., to post reviews, voice opinions, read news, source information on products and services, and even search for jobs.

Social media is literally integrated into our everyday lives, and the potential to reach new customers is bigger than ever before. Our social media services will help your business reach a large audience in a short period of time, communicate with your customers in real time and allow you to target and expose your brand to the audience of your choosing (with our help of course).

Which social networks should I focus on?

Social networks have been coming and going since the advent of social media, however there are some obvious networks, like Facebook and Twitter you shouldn’t ignore. Both these networks boast large user bases, but the best social networks to focus on are the ones where your customers spend their time and where you enjoy spending yours.

If you don’t know who your customers are, then you need to figure that out first. Social media marketing requires constant, ongoing engagement if you want to see results.

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AA Marketing is a full-service creative agency aimed at assisting small to medium sized businesses establish a brand and an online presence that achieves great results.

We offer website solutions and creative services, such as print media design which can help you connect to billions of users in various effective internet marketing channels. Contact AA Marketing today and let’s get started.

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