Brochures, business cards, letter heads, flyers, posters, and more – they are your print collateral.

In this internet-centred, paperless world, one can make an argument that printed marketing material isn’t as important as blogs and social media outlets for a small business. On the contrary, these digital channels make print media relevant because getting data for your marketing strategy is easier; in turn making print media precisely customised for your needs.

In fact, research group Smithers Pira predicted that in 2017, printing will rise to 853,097 million sheets. That is a leap from 2012, where 656,756 million sheets were printed.

There are four major reasons why having print collateral should be a part of your business marketing strategy:

Brand Consistency

With print collateral, you control every element of your brand from Pantone values, to character size and spacing, logo placement, number of words etc. You have the power to ensure consistency – your creative output will not be dependent on each customer’s monitor settings; your logo and design will not be forced to fit a certain ad space; your copy won’t be limited to a limited number of characters. You are in control of your brand.

Highly Customisable

People tend to open a letter in the mailbox that is addressed to them, as opposed to having bulk emails. Personalised information that is written on a piece of printed collateral, like a name or a specific address that pertains to your prospect conveys personal connection. This added value makes it harder for people to throw your marketing material into the bin.

Staying Power

These days, online marketing strategies like banner ads don’t have the same effect as they did before because we are inundated with ads every time we go online. Almost everyone uses spam filters in their mailbox that [unfairly] categorises promotional mail into junk folders. This action makes some mails go unseen by the recipient. A beautifully designed piece of print collateral stays in this digital world because people hold on to it, especially if it is informative as people will read it and handle it many times before disposal.


Unlike online ads that change every time you enter different keywords in your search engine, print collateral is not fleeting – it is always there. It’s stuck on the fridge, it’s kept in the wallet, it is waiting in the clutter basket waiting to be sorted. Wherever it is, it is in a position where your prospect can catch a glimpse of your brand even if they are not consciously thinking about it. Your brand stays in the prospect’s consciousness until he is ready to buy. You get greater mindshare in print media.

Prospects also get to feel your media, which is impossible in an online setting. The look, feel and detail of a high-quality printed material communicates your level of  professionalism. It is more than a business card – it is a representation of your services.

The bottom line is, print media marketing is still relevant in this digital-driven age. It may not be as broad-reaching as online marketing but it creates a high-impact effect especially if one puts an emphasis on personalised, and customised.

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If you are on the look out for unique, savvy and creative solutions which reflect your identity, AA Marketing is here to help you develop these ideas and make them come to life. Contact us on and let’s work together to ensure your continued success.

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