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Our SEO Packages

You likely made your way to this website via a Google search of keywords like ‘SEO Packages’ or a similar search phrase. If you are here, then you most likely know that Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a game of luck and without proper and careful planning and implementation of SEO strategies by a professional, that you won’t appear near the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Having a great looking website is a good start, but if no-one is visiting it, then you’ll surely be missing out on potential sales. This is where we come in!

We make sure your website is appealing to the search engines.

As a dedicated online marketing design agency, we can provide you with the SEO services you need for your website to be a success. We offer a variety of SEO Packages, all tailored to various businesses requirements. Whatever your current situation, industry or needs, we detail below 3 of our leading SEO packages ranging from €199 per month for the basic package, up to €949 per month for website owners looking to make a real impact on their search engine positioning. Let us take the stress out of your digital marketing by doing it all for you, so you can to spend more quality time doing what you do best – your business.

Please note that although there is no contract, there is a minimum subscription period of three (3) months, which is applied to all SEO packages and a one month prior notice of termination is required. This is in place to ensure the potential of any SEO content marketing campaign is realised. This is considered a minimum period for you to start seeing results, although we cannot guarantee you first page ranking (no-one can), at this stage we need to be really clear about that. If anyone has promised you first page ranking, you are essentially being lied to, they would have to know the exact specifications of Google’s algorithm, which to our knowledge is impossible!

How can an AA Marketing SEO Package help you?

Does your website suffer from a lack of visitors, enquiries and orders/sales? Or maybe you are experiencing a lack of awareness and a low ranking on search engines?

This can happen for a variety of reasons, perhaps you’ve recently updated your new website, changed content management system, you’re happy with the way it looks and acts, but sales have dropped off? Many people think SEO is all about focusing on achieving high Search engine page rankings, although key it isn’t just about that, it also centres around what happens on your website. SEO addresses any issues and seeks to improve the rate at which your users become buyers, improving the conversion rate.

We offer Local, National and Global SEO Services

With the rising importance of SEO, the industry is unfortunately filled with many SEO agencies promising the impossible, of course, they more often than deliver well below their bold statements.

Many of our SEO clients have experienced this and approach us with a reasonable caution. Our SEO packages focus heavily on competitor analysis and a service involving content marketing, website optimisation, link building, social media management and much more. We specialise in formulating a sustainable plan that will generate sales through search engines.

Our Keyword Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t an overnight process, and it takes time to perfect your strategy and get your website just the way search engines like them. Our analysis of your website requires a careful selection of both short and long tail keywords. We endeavour to cover all bases, allowing for various search behaviours to target user groups and more. The benefits of ranking high on a Google search page are undeniable and can substantial increase the number of visitors to your site, leading to an increase in sales, leads and enquiries. If you’re serious about scaling the “Google Mountain”, then get in touch, even if it is only to take advantage of our totally free SEO analysis report.

What happens next?

As soon as you decide on the package that best fits your needs and budget, we will require the login details to your website.

Once we have access to your website, we can then focus on carrying out a competitor analysis, creating strategies for areas of opportunity, formulating a keyword list and we will begin the optimisation of your website. Website optimisation will consist of correct setting up of title tag and meta description, internal links, header tags, image name and ALT tags, plus bolded text. Your existing content will also require optimisation to a specific list of keywords that we work alongside you to formulate before approval.

Time is possibly the main factor and is against us to provide you with noticeable benefits. You must take into account that SEO is largely a long and drawn-out process, so please don’t expect miracles or to be an overnight millionaire.

You will receive regular contact from us, to ensure that we are up to date with your business news, latest products and services. Our sole aim is to become your go-to for all things online, and we are always just an email or a phone call away.

Improve your search engine rankings with AA Marketing’s SEO Packages.

We are certain you will be happy with the results your investment in an SEO package will bring your business. We provide a quality SEO service, and this will inevitably be reflected in the results. Regardless if you’re a small kindergarten looking for enhanced awareness locally or a dentist looking for more online business, AA Marketing can tailor an SEO package to perfectly suit your needs.

Please contact us here or use the form below to speak to a consultant today and arrange for your free SEO analysis.

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AA Marketing is a full-service creative agency aimed at assisting small to medium sized businesses establish a brand and an online presence that achieves great results.

We offer website solutions and creative services, such as print media design which can help you connect to billions of users in various effective internet marketing channels. Contact AA Marketing today and let’s get started.

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