Imagine that Facebook is a marketplace and your business page is your market stall. How do you attract people to check and ultimately, buy your goods? Here are some tips below to make your posts better and successful.

Keep it short

As people are mostly visiting Facebook through their mobiles (1.51 billion people, in fact), they scan posts first. Keep your writing short but compelling to hook the readers for better response rate.



Use photos

Posts with photos are better than text-only posts, according to Facebook. They stand out in the News Feed, attracting more attention, which in turn invite more interaction from people. Also, keep it big.


Tip: Use beautiful photos – keeping it real is good (as in using your camera phone) but professionally taken ones suggest reliability and professionalism. In short, remember these two words when it comes to photos: Big and beautiful.

Provide a link

According to this Facebook Report, linked posts perform better than photo posts. To keep it clean, don’t use long URLs. Instead, use a bitly or a linked post.

Be useful

From sharing discounts, exclusive offers or inspiration, keep your customers interested and engaged. Reward your loyal customers with special deals or events. Offer valuable, educational content as well. People appreciate it when you share what you know, especially if it’s free!




Tip: Run advertisements to get more people reach and engagement.

Be responsive

I don’t mean responsive as in mobile-responsive (although your website should be). I mean, respond to your customers. People love it when you reply to messages, comments, and posts quickly. Let them know you are listening, and they will respond back to you.

Get a calendar

Don’t forget special holidays and events. These dates are on people’s minds, and it is worthwhile to share these on your posts. Plan and schedule posts around important dates – Black Friday, Easter, Valentines, etc – they get people talking and engaged.


Mix it up

Although you are selling your wares, don’t push it down people’s throats. Have a 30-70 mixture of promotional content (make sure to link it back to your website) and value added content. Share useful, relevant (even humorous) information that your readers will find interesting.



Post for YOUR audience

Effective posts are those that care. If your customers live in different areas, target your post to that area. If they speak in different languages, use that language in your post. Connection matters. You can even advertise to specific people.


Post what your customers want

After several months, you will notice trends and learn what your readers love. Posting posts is about quality, not quantity – and it’s for your audience.





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