Do you know that there are email designers out there? Do you know that there are people who are actually getting paid to create an email that will create brand awareness and even point of sale for a brand? Yes, email is not just a professional way of sending reports to your supervisor anymore – it is a legitimate marketing tool that can boost your business.


Email newsletters do just that. But what makes an email newsletter or an email marketing strategy really effective? We here at AA Marketing know that you want an effective marketing campaign. You have probably looked around at the internet for tips on how to do it, and that’s why you’re here! Instead of wasting your time by having you read tens of tips, we limited it down to the best five tips.


Be Generous.

Probably the easiest tip to remember is to delight people. And as a consumer – pretty sure you would like to receive great deals yourself, right? So as a businessman, offer great deals or better yet, freebies. Starbucks is good at this with their buy 12 get one drink free campaign. Remember, generosity is one of the most overlooked marketing tactics.


Be Timely.

There are times in the day and days in the week where your subscribers are on their peak online times. Study when they are most available online and send your emails then. Also, don’t make the mistake of sending emails without considering time zones. Instead of delivering emails 10 am in New York and 11 pm in Singapore (not ideal!), why not try an app that can schedule your emails to send at time-zone-specific hours. That, or let us send your marketing emails!


Integrate with Social Media.

The reason why you are doing email marketing is that you want brand awareness for as much audience as possible. Integrating your email newsletter to your social media channels like Twitter and Facebook encourages a wider audience range. However, remember to put an incentive towards the email campaign by having an incentive, like giving a discount to email subscribers or having the email subscribers get to read first. If not, what’s the point of signing up? Everyone will just wait over at Facebook if the email campaign is the same.


Ask for Feedback.

Or better yet, ask your readers for a reply. Unlike other platforms for advertising and marketing (think: TV, radio, podcast) where it’s just the marketer doing the talking, email is actually a 2-way communication platform, and people actually respond to emails. This gives you insight on what your readers actually care about your brand and then create an email that they can connect with. Connect with them genuinely.


Tell readers what you do.

Don’t expect your readers to remember who you are and what you do. If they do read your email but don’t know what you do, what’s the point? It is your duty to remind them of who you are – every time. This is the essence of brand awareness.


If you are interested on creating an email marketing campaign, look no further. AA Marketing creates engaging email newsletters that will get your brand into the inboxes of your customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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