Online presence is about creating a sense of space

It means having a virtual version of your business. People can see what your business is all about without leaving the comfort of their homes. Online presence means having a welcoming, informative website just like having a welcoming shop, restaurant or office. At this time and age, people are looking more at Google than the phonebook to make purchases, research or even check out social events.

Still on the undecided if you should have a website, a blog and a Twitter, Facebook account for your business? Is it really necessary? We list down the reasons why:

An Online Presence Means Opportunity

Having an online presence means having a space where you have a 24-hour showroom for the whole world. Also,  3 out of 4 people use search engines to look for local businesses according to a research by Nielsen. You do not have to think of business hours. You get to be exposed to different kinds of prospective clients, meaning you have a broader audience too.

Cost-effective Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing strategies include brochures, flyers, fund raising events, direct mailing and advertising. These items are not cheap to produce in a long term scheme. The internet and online marketing world offer you cheap – even free – marketing schemes that you can directly target to your market. For example, you can make a meme that can go viral. It will reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes. It’s free, fast, shareable and offers a huge platform for backlinks increasing your online presence.

Effective Brand Building Tool

Branding is tough because you want to have your customers’ trust. How can you do that when they haven’t experienced your service yet? How can you prove to them you are the best in the market? Having an online presence gives your customers’ a chance to check your company out, what you stand for and what other people say about you. Online reviews, blog posts and testimonials all help form a positive image of your company in a prospect’s mind, ensuring a future sale.

Community Building

Now that your prospects know what you stand for, engage them. You can do so with Twitter, the comments section of your blog or even Facebook. It will also be easier to maintain existing customers and make marketing strategies more effective as you know what customers want. It also translates to easier selling and marketing, therefore making it cost-effective.


The beauty of the Internet and a well-designed website is that you can measure the effectiveness of your action. You will know how many people engaged in a certain subject. Or how many people reacted negatively to it. You will even know which time of the day is the most effective in releasing a marketing tool. Making marketing choices isn’t just a gut-feel exercise as you have numbers as evidence to help you make informed decisions.

Having an online presence may seem to be a tad complicated but in reality, it only takes a little investment. Don’t let these opportunities slip; take your business to a new level by taking it on the web!

AA Marketing uses imagination, strategy, high-end technologies and intelligent action to create creative communication and attractive digital experiences that excite, inspire. We always embrace the challenge of motivating users to engage.

If you are on the look for unique, savvy and creative solutions which reflect your identity, AA Marketing is here. Let’s develop these ideas and make them come to life. Contact us on and let’s work together to ensure your continued success.

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